Moving Upright And Grand Pianos.

Trying to move your family’s grand piano yourself might lead to accidents causing a broken piano or, worse, a broken hip. Though it
might look simple on the outside, a piano is very complicated on the inside. Piano moving is a delicate procedure that requires
great attention to detail.


 A typical grand piano will weight about 800 lbs. Each piece, if bumped hard enough, might slide out of position. There are many
ways for a piano to break from the inside out especially if you don’t use the proper tools.


The most common issue that amateur movers face when moving a piano is a broken back. At Montgomery Moving, we do the heavy
lifting for you and make sure your most treasured piano will be in one piece when we move it from point A to B.


A standard moving truck is also not the right vehicle for piano moving. Different vehicles have different load capacities.


Pushing a vehicle to its limit might render it broken along with your piano if it slides to the walls of the vehicle or falls off to the road.


Leave the heavy duty of moving a piano to the pros and make sure that you’re not in harms’ way.


Are you ready? Let's get moving! 


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