Top 10 Features Of An Outstanding Moving Company In Vancouver

January 4, 2019


Surveys made worldwide have consistently proved that Vancouver is one of the top 5 best cities offering quality life. Not surprisingly, it is also the first city to be named in the top 10 most livable cities consistently for 5 years says the Economist Intelligence Unit. That is why you will find that many people prefer to move to Vancouver when it comes to making a major change in their life city-wise. The city with one of the highest living costs in the world has some of the topmost moving companies offering incredibly prompt and fast services. 


Every year the topmost moving companies in the city are awarded by the year-end for their exceptional services.   


Picking Up Best Rated Moving Companies In Vancouver


Picking up the best rated moving companies out of so many is not an easy task which is why the selection process is carried out on several parameters. The team of Three Best Rated checks these companies through various levels of inspection including reviews, reputation, history, satisfaction, cost, ratings, trust, complaints, general excellence and more. 


Here are the inspection points that the team considers as parameters for inspecting all the moving companies in Vancouver. 


- History


The primary point considered in this category is the experience. The team checks out whether the moving company has mastered the craft, has qualification as well as quality experience to support the job it is doing. Online history is tracked by checking the sites and web pages and posts of the company related to the businesses. Ownership history includes detail about whether the company is LLC, family, sole proprietorship, corporation or family-owned.    


- Services


The team of Three Best Rated checks out the exact service a company is providing and specific specialization or unique services a moving company offers such as packing and unpacking, dissembling and reassembling of furniture, appliance servicing, handling bulky items, shuttle services and more. If a moving company offers special features or extra complimentary services to the customers such as carrying the items for a long distance in the absence of adequate parking space, split pick-up and delivery or even waiting or re-delivery it is also taken into consideration. 


Many moving companies also provide diversified services such as warehouse handling and more. Such services definitely gain them more points during the inspection.   


- Operating Hours


How long are you available to your clients? Well, that can be a big point to consider because most of the families think of planning their shifting during weekends so that they do not have to take a leave from their offices. So, companies offering moving services during weekends or long hours even after the normal working hours during weekdays get better results and preference. Naturally, people prefer companies with maximum working hours.


How Active, Prominent Is Social Media Presence?


Nowadays, people prefer checking out social media networks for getting the latest news and updates related to any company or service. So for rating the best moving company its social media presence is also an important consideration. The reputation of a company on social media networks, the way it conducts page maintenance such as updates and regular announcements matters a lot. Accounts having high following or high engagement ratio naturally are at the top in the best moving companies’ list.


- Awards And Certifications


Awards from reputed organizations and certifications give more credibility to the overall standing of a moving company. The team of Three Best Rated checks the history of the awards, whether the company has won any award consecutively for any specialization or even have achieved legitimate awards from different sources. All these achievements indicate the consistency and efficiency in the service of a moving company. Other things considered under this category include Honors List and Endorsement. 


- Complaints


Now, that can be a critical point during the selection of a moving company as one of the best in Vancouver.  The team checks all the complaints, lawsuit and even fake complaints against the company as well as how the owner has handled or responded to the complaint. 


- Images


The entire business image of a company depends on the interior, exterior, office, and vehicles and all the features that help a customer learn about the business before hiring the moving services. The team also checks whether the images uploaded on the site or on social media are fake or are original. The moving companies also have to provide proofs, license, documents, or permit copy of the business ownership to establish that they are owners. 

- Informative Website


The website of a moving company should include detailed information about the business, offer online chat and real-time transmission of messages from the source to clients or customers online. The website should have a facility to offer online appointment. The online platform must schedule and confirm the appointment. It should be a standard website that keeps on updating stale information and must always carry the emblem/logo of the company. 


Moving company’s website must also include accurate address, phone numbers, email ID, map, and more. It should also include acknowledgments and testimonials by the customers.


- Reviews 


The reviews on the website should include legitimate ratings and reviews from customers. Companies found promoting fake reviews are immediately flagged off. The team also takes into consideration the reliability of the reviewer, his identity and history. Also, the frequency and promptness with which the company responds positively to the feedback of a customer and even takes the negative feedback in a positive way are taken into consideration during the rating.  


- Miscellaneous


It includes many aspects such as special authentic discounts, the flat price offered to the customers, offers in percentage, price comparison, best service offered at a fair price, location proximity, gift vouchers, whether the company covers major insurance, has a valid address and so on.


So there are the top 10 parameters moving companies in Vancouver have to fulfill if they have to find a place in the top 3 of the Three Best Rated team’s inspection. It certainly is not an easy task to get good reviews, be highly updated all the time, provide genuine information on the website and so on. So, whichever company does fulfill such parameters and becomes the topmost moving companies in Vancouver must be the first choice of those who are interested in shifting to or away from the Canadian city.




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