Montgomery Movers takes on any move, big or small
From moving grand pianos to relocating renters, Montgomery Moving Co. provides Vancouverians options for large moves – residential, commercial or out-of-town. 


During the past decade, Montgomery Moving Co. completed thousands of moves of various sizes. These moves included fulfilling contracts with construction companies and private contractors with the company’s commercial move services. Montgomery employs trained, knowledgeable packers and movers who have extensive experience in the industry so that those moving know the job will get finished right.


 Montgomery Moving Co. prides itself on excellence and formed relationships with the best movers in Vancouver – Owner Operator Movers of Canada, Real Pro Movers, Tranquility Movers, That Guy Van Lines and RIF moving. In 2018, Montgomery Moving Co. was rated as one of the Three Best Moving Companies for 2018 in Vancouver. 
Hanna Dedic, who used Montgomery Moving Co.’s services in 2018, said she had such a great experience with this company and highly recommends them for anyone who needs help with a move. 


“Guys were so fast, so efficient, so accommodating, took everything I needed and took great care with all the delicate items..” Dedic said. “It was a pretty pleasant moving experience. I will definitely recommend this company and use them for my next move if there is one.”
Owner and operator of Montgomery Moving Co. Jacob Montgomery said he have been moving all my life. 


“As a teenager, I learned the business working with my father,” Montgomery said. “As I got older I had no doubt that owning a moving company was what I wanted to do. Many clients call back for a second, third or fourth move with us. I honestly love what I do and it shows.”


 Whether the move is one room or an entire office space, Montgomery Moving Co. supplies the expertise in handling, packaging, moving and resources to take on moves of all sizes. Additionally, they use the best packing techniques and tools to ensure the best results. From wrapping and packing to unloading items, we provide complete services at competitive costs.

 The heart of Montgomery Moving Company’s service relies on safe transport and proper wrapping techniques to ensure quality delivery of a business or individual’s belongings. The owner-operated company can tackle large moving jobs, whether it’s relocating an office or moving machinery. 
In one of the company’s most recent moves, the movers carefully handled 300-pound sewing equipment, thousands of rolls of fabric and navigated the move up two flights of stairs. 

Starting a move


 Before the move begins, the first step Montgomery Moving Co. takes is ensuring all valuable and fragile items are padded and packaged right. After everything is packaged, sealed and protected, the expert movers begin the process of loading the truck with the assistance of a wheeled furniture dolly. All items are packed strategically to ensure the safest transport. This includes antiques, artwork and any fragile, high-value items. 
Montgomery said one of the hardest things he’s had to move was a 700-plus pound stone statue up multiple flights of stairs. 
“It was a challenge I almost didn’t meet,” Montgomery said. “But with three men and sometime later, we were able to get the job done.” 

The right truck for your moving needs


 The company owns five trucks, a 5-ton, 3-ton, and three 1-ton trucks. 

Big truck for a big move


 The 5-ton, 24-foot long truck is capable of moving five to eight rooms. This truck features 164 square feet of floor space and 1,200 cubic feet of loading space. These truck can carry up to 10,000 pounds, ready to take on large furniture, heavy equipment, commercial machinery or electronics. Need to move an entire office space? This poses no problem for the 5-ton truck. The company also owns a 3-ton truck to maximize moving options that are tailored to individual needs. 

Middle-of-the-road move


 The 3-ton truck is nothing to balk at with the capability of moving three to five rooms. With 120 square feet of floor space and 800 cubic feet of loading space, moving a small office space is no hassle for Montgomery Moving Co. The truck can tackle up to 4,300 pounds, which can perfectly suit any furniture, equipment or electronics. 

The one-ton mover


 With three 1-ton trucks, Montgomery Moving Co. can move anyone where they need to go. The 1-ton truck is capable of moving one to two rooms, dorm rooms, or equipment deliveries and shipping. The 1-ton truck is great for smaller moves but can handle heavy-weight items. This truck features 60 square feet of floor space and 402 cubic feet of space. 

Make a move


 Before the moving process begins, Montgomery Moving Co. assesses each client’s individual needs to choose the best moving experience. Finding out how much it is to move does not cost anything. Montgomery Moving Co. determines a client’s needs through an estimate. Each client can detail when, where and how much they need to move to receive a custom-made plan by Montgomery Moving Co. staff. Montgomery Moving Co. provides booking options online with rates for anyone’s moving needs.
The Montgomery Moving Co team always welcome professional inquiries via 604.710.5253 &



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