How summer makes the moving industry busier.

June 25, 2019

 When moving to a new home, it doesn’t matter if you are executing a local- or long-distance move, it is very important to take some time to organize and make a good plan for your move. Scheduling the relocation date is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when planning your move. It is clear that most people in Vancouver that move within a calendar year schedule their moving dates during the summer season, probably due to the nicer weather and because schools are out of session.


 But what’s wrong with this summer? No doubt, it is considered as the peak moving season, as moving companies are usually extremely busy this time of year, making it difficult for homeowners to find movers and book appointments at their preferred dates.


Apart from this, there are other challenges you are probably going to face when you decide that summer move is great for you. Let’s get on with them;


Inconvenience: Just as you consider the summer season as a perfect time to make your move, other people do the same. So, it becomes difficult to hire a moving company during this period as they are fully booked. Even when you decide to elbow your way through the crowd in finding a new mover, you still have other tasks to handle. That’s a lot of work and inconvenience.


More expensive: During the summer season, the demand for moving services spikes up. For this reason, moving companies tend to increase their rates as well. You may not have to blame them because they have a lot of issues to deal with when trying to meet up with the various demands. Most times, they are limited to a short period. So, if you want to strike a better deal, it is better to plan and schedule your move before the peak season.


Traffic Congestion: if there’s anything that moving companies fear the most, it is traffic congestion. Summer is a busy time of year and moving during the peak season can mean having to deal with the heavy traffic and parking issues. Traffic alone has lots of negative impact on their business, and they will try everything to avoid that. Of course, you won’t want to fall into the same pit hole. Some movers will intentionally refuse to engage in active moving services during this peak season as it will affect their business. Others who would like to do so may charge you more. The question is; are you willing to make an extra pay?


Less Flexibility: If you’ve spent some good time in Vancouver, probably a couple of years, you will concur to the fact that summer weekends are usually busy for any local moving company. When you decide to move during this peak season, you will realize that the dates are typically fully booked. There is less flexibility. With this, you have little or no chances of keeping up with your proposed move date and may be forced to make some adjustments.


Difficulty in finding good movers


Also, these challenges, there is another vital issue you may face, which is, not being able to choose a good moving company. This point is as important as the moving process. The competence and reliability of a moving company determine how smooth the moving process will go. It also has a lot to do with the safety of your belongings. 


But then, how do you know or choose a good moving company?


Most people get it wrong when it comes to choosing the right moving company. With lots of companies that offer moving services, it may be a daunting experience when searching for the best moving company. But then, there are some vital tips to guide you through the process of hiring the best moving service. Here, we’d be looking at the qualities of a good moving company as well as other things you should look out for.


Read on to learn:


Qualities of a good moving company


Staff experience


Experience is a crucial factor. It should figure on the list to influence your decision. An important question to ask is how long the company has been in the service. If you have special items such as pianos, gym equipment, or a pool table, you need competent and experienced staff who know how to handle them properly.


No Hidden Charges


It doesn’t matter the period you plan your move, any good company will not present extra charges outside the paperwork. We all live on a budget, and you won’t want to wake up to unplanned spending. 




Although the estimated budget is important, the good reputation of the local moving company is more important. Ask for recommendations from friends and family who have moved their homes and find out details of their experiences.


Response time


Reputable residential moving services should be able to respond on time. If there’s any delay, they should be able to notify the customer early enough. Also, there should be a means of communication in real-time and customer support to help the customer in any case there are issues.






Beware of companies without a known address and with too low budgets:


As you know, high-quality services go with more money; however, you should also be careful when accepting the most expensive ones to be sure you’re not paying extra for unnecessary charges. 


Don’t fail to ask about the approximate time the company will take to complete the move of your property and the number of trips they are going to make.


You may also want to ask about how they’re going to handle or move some specific things such as your delicate possessions that removable

furniture, clothes, etc.


Bottom line


Summer is a great season, but it is the busiest time for moving. You’re probably going to face lots of challenges from the usually inconveniences from the rush to you, limiting your chances of hiring a good moving company. However, to have enough time to compare companies and budgets. If a moving company is available at the last minute, it is probably for a reason. Be careful. 


Do you have to wait for the peak seasons to plan your move? Certainly not! A good plan is all you need.




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