Moving and valuables: 5 things to keep in mind when making the big move.

September 17, 2019

Leaving a place where you’ve spent a fair amount of your time can be heartbreaking, losing priceless items in the process would be shattering!



Moving isn't always pleasant, but most times, it is necessary. At least, it signals growth and also enables you to meet new people, see new places, and make new memories.


Probably, you got your new dig and are ready to switch.  Aside from the emotional toll it takes on you; moving can also be physically tasking and daunting. Especially when you already know you’d be moving those valuables. However, packing, boxing, and checking lists while ensuring you do not leave anything out isn't exactly a pastime - not unless you want to employ the services of reputable moving companies. 


You don’t have to forget the likelihood of damaging or losing those priceless items in the process, probably as a result of having so much to do in so little time. The truth is, moving is not best taken by oneself; there is too much to do and more at stake. For those valuables, antiques worth hundreds of thousands of dollars - you need removal services. Moreover, you need that time and energy - otherwise devoted to doing it yourself - for other less draining activities like enjoying family time, savoring the time together? Because when moving, every minute counts. 


Whatever you do, here are five tips to ensure you have a hitch-free moving experience while saving your valuables.


 #1. Relax


There are lots of activities that go into packing when a move is inevitable. From boxing regular day-to-day items to moving heavy furniture, to figuring how to carry your beloved pets through such distance. Not forgetting the antique paintings and priceless items. Then, there's also the antihistamines or anti-allergy medication you cannot afford to leave behind. 


Oops! You are almost forgetting your appointment with the veterinarian and while you are at it don't forget to pick up wrapping papers and boxes at the local store as well. Yuck! The kids are of no help. Everyone is freaking out. It's a big move after all. Anxiety, excitement, pressure, time constraints, and all can make anyone a nervous wreck when it comes to moving to a new place but giving in to these emotions would do more harm than any good. 


So amidst the chaos and anxiety, take a deep breath. Relax.   

Everything is going to turn out well in the end. However, if you give in to the negative feelings, there's a high chance you'd lose essential things or accidentally break some. When you are at peace, you are in control of everything. Moving wouldn't be so stressful if you can find a mover to help with the chore. Also, you want to look up the best moving companies as well as they are the ones best suited for the job


#2. Sort


When it comes to packing, it's best to always begin with the seemingly small and easily overlooked things. That way, you would be sure you aren't leaving them behind. Items like - anti-allergies, your kids' favorite stuffed animals, pet accessories,  phone charger, first aid kit - are necessary but often easily forgotten during big the move. Moreover, they should be the first items to go into the box. Sorting requires that you painstakingly note, isolate, and group items according to their categories. 


The 'little things' are carefully categorized as 'essentials' while kitchen appliances are labeled as 'kitchen.' The same thing goes for living room, gym or workout materials, books or library, electronics, and all others. You want to go from room-to-room, carefully identifying which item belongs to a particular category, that way you would have a better time unpacking


#3. Create a photo checklist


This is one of the ways technology has been of tremendous help in our day-to-day activities. Omissions and uncertainties can easily be eliminated. We can do bad all by ourselves. There's a slim - if not zero - chance of leaving anything behind if you have a picture inventory and you check items as you pack them. Also, you are insuring your valuables in a kind of way - if you make use of moving labor -as you have picture evidence to back up your claim in the event of an accident or damage. 


Everyone knows how to do a regular checklist, and a photo checklist is way more fun. Plus it's super easy. Grab a camera or a smartphone - doesn't matter as long as you can put the camera to good use. Take a good picture of sorted items. Not forgetting you have initially grouped these items according to their categories, this step is basically a follow up on the second step and interestingly the last step before boxing. 


After carefully taking pictures, you may proceed to put the items in the box already labeled. Each categorized material goes into a particular box with the name of that category boldly written on it. For example, a box holding fancy plates or Tupperware, microwave or blender will carry a conspicuous 'kitchen' tag, as with all the others. With each picture checked as you box.


#4. Take special care with valuables 


Not all items can fit into a box - even as there are different box sizes - and not all items should be in a box either. Valuables like laptops, heirloom jewelry, diamonds, and gold wristwatches have been advised to be kept on your person while on the move. This is partly due to their fragility and lightweight. You can have them packed in a medium-sized box and have them thrown in a carry-on bag. That way, you would be able to eliminate any risk that may arise with having them on moving trucks. 


On the other hand, Antique furniture, books, fabrics, artworks or paintings are fit for trucks. Thus, they should be kept in water-proof and shock-absorbing protective wraps or materials to eliminate damage as a result of en route knock-around. There are full service moving companies on standby that have been reputed to move valuables worth more than three hundred thousand dollars. So you can rest assured that your priceless items are in safe hands.


#5. Do a thorough double-check as you unload


Accidents happen, and mistakes are inevitable, so it becomes imperative that you do a double check of your properties as you unpack. We know how exhausting it is to make a move. We understand you are itching to get in the shower, treat yourself to a great meal and some sweet sleep. Regardless of the jet lag and physical exhaustion you may feel upon your arrival, hang on a moment. 


Before settling into your new apartment, be sure to painstakingly go through everything you have packed and compare with the things that you have. The pictures will come in handy here as you can make visual inspections as well. If you happen to notice any omission or discrepancy, be sure to file a complaint with your moving company or your insurance company as the case may be




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