What to Expect from moving services

October 30, 2019


It’s obvious you don’t want to be overwhelmed with work on your next move. Nobody wants to, and that’s why it is essential to get on with professional movers who will take their time to handle every bit of the move from start to finish. All you need to do is sit back and cool off as you watch your to-do list checked, one after the other, without having to lift a finger.


If, for any reason, you cannot handle the move on your own, hiring a moving company is a perfect option. At least, you don’t get to spend time contemplating the ideal gifts to entice your friends and family for their assistance; they may not even provide you the best hand anyway. 


Yes, getting a moving service may not be the cheapest option for your planned move, but you’re sure to get an amazing convenience that’s worth your money. 


Here, we’d be looking at what you’d expect from reputable moving companies, including what sorts of things they’ll do for you.


Let’s get started!



What exactly will moving services do for you?


In a nutshell, moving services will handle everything associated with your move, which includes the following;


Transporting your belongings: It doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the country or just within Vancouver, the local movers will take your belongings to your new location. They will provide you with the time frame to expect your stuff. All you need to do is get yourself to your location to claim and accept the shipment. 


Truck loading and unloading: You don’t have to engage yourself with the heavy lifting; leave it for the pros to handle. They will load all the furniture, appliances and other items you’re bringing with you, safely on to the truck, after packing your home. They will also take care of the unloading as soon as you arrive at your new dig. Connect with them to figure out your plan. 


Furniture disassembly: It is the job of furniture movers to ensure that all those massive, heavy, and unwieldly furniture in your old comfy makes it to your new dig intact. Your furniture may need partial to full disassembly and reassembly as soon it gets to the final destination. 


Packing up your belongings: When you think of the most challenging and time-taking aspects of proposed moving, you think of packing. But, it doesn’t have to be, it’s your choice. It’s the job of those trained packers to pack your entire house and safely box up your belongings in just a fraction of the whole time it might take you to handle it yourself. You won’t have to worry about those valuables and fragile items such as artwork and glass as the packing and moving companies will securely pack them up. 


Unpacking: As part of their jobs, moving companies will also unpack your home for you. They ensure that all your items go where they’re supposed to while you engage in other tasks associated with settling in your new dig. All they require is your guidance, and they will do the rest. Figure out your plans.


Supplying all packing materials: You don’t have to stress yourself visiting the store for the bubble wraps, papers, packing tape, and boxes. Moving services will provide you with all the necessary items that you require for your move including supplies such as additional padding, furniture blankets and more. They also take care of the shipping services, so don’t think about that for a second. 
Disposal of packing materials: There’s no doubt that you will generate lots of wastes when packing and unpacking items during your move. You tend to have lots of cardboard boxes and other materials such as plastic wraps and more. These wastes need to be properly disposed and recycled. Removal services will completely take care of the mess. They don’t require you to step in as they will get everything disposed of correctly.


How much time will your move take?


If you want to do the packing and moving yourself, you should be prepared for the stress and the time, taking from days to even weeks. However, when you hire moving services, you can have a better idea of the time it will take to get your belongings to your new dig.  Generally, the timetable for your move will include: 


Estimate and planning time: A moving service will take a comprehensive inventory of what’s to be moved before time. This way, it is easier for them to make the most accurate estimate of the time and schedule for your move. However, it would help if you gave a few days' plan for this.


Luggage packing and furniture disassembly: It will depend on the size of your apartment and your belongings. However, no matter how you look at it, hiring trained packing, and moving companies will do the job faster than you could do on your own.


Loading and unloading: Professional moving companies take no time in getting your stuff on and off the truck. It shouldn’t take more than one hour and half to get the task correctly completed.


Unpacking: On average, it will take almost the same amount of time for packing and unpacking. So, you need to keep that in mind when estimating the time it will take for your move. Inquire from your labor movers. An hour is good to get your stuff unpacked. 


How to find a reputable moving company


Carrying out proper research for ‘moving companies near me’ that offers precisely what you’re looking for will help you in selecting the best movers for the job. First, you need to choose two or three moving companies that look like they could be good fit. Then, discuss your individual needs with them to know if they best suit you. 


It is essential to liaise with the professional movers that you hire to know precisely what tasks you’d like them to handle for you. 


For those planning their move within and around Vancouver and its suburb, it will be best to choose from a reputable moving company. You can click here to get one, and you won’t any reason to stress yourself.



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